Top 10 tips to get the French look

23 Dec

Parisian girls’ simple and elegant style is coveted by many. Renowned for their taste, class and effortless cool, it’s no wonder Paris is considered the fashion capital of the world.

Here is your essential guide to getting the French look:

1.) Favour dark and neutral colours. Black, navy, grey and white are staples. Don’t be afraid to bring in one brighter colour as long as the rest of your outfit complements it.

Budding French fashionistas

Petites Parisiennes showing off their Vanessa Bruno handbags

2.) Arm candy: no self-respecting Parisienne would be seen dead without her Longchamp handbag. Preferably get your hands on one in every size and colour. Alternatively, the sparkly Vanessa Bruno bag is still proving very popular. From schoolbag to night out, these brands are versatile and a mark of class.

3.) A good pair of jeans. There just isn’t the same demand for leggings over the pond, especially not for crazy patterned ones. Don’t even think about wearing your leggings without a skirt or top over them, c’est tres vulgaire. Likewise, bare legs at this time of year (even on a night out) are a no-no.

4.) Tracksuits are banned unless on your morning jog; always dress smart. Parisennes would be horrified to discover that UK residents feel no shame in going to the supermarket in pyjamas (ahem… guilty.) First impressions count, and there’s no room for slobs in Paris.

5.) Layer, layer, layer. Mix fabrics and pile them on. For example: a silk top with a loose wool cardi and a short leather jacket to create texture.

6.) Keep hair natural. Long, brunette, side-parted and wavy is the style worn by the masses. The trick is to look like you’ve barely had time to brush it even if it is in fact perfectly coiffed.

7.) Likewise makeup. The look is all about moderation. Fresh-faced and natural is the way forward, so put away that tango tinted foundation and emphasize the eyes.

French girl simple style

French street style: simple, textured and chic

8.) Quality over quantity: French girls would rather spend more on quality items (think Gok Wan and his capsule wardrobe.) And with no Topshop or Primark to tempt you, it’s easier to hit Kookai or Zara and invest in some quality, key pieces rather than go mad picking up ‘bargains’ you’ll only wear once or which will fall apart in the wash.

9.) Invest in key accessories and only wear one or two at a time: ie chunky necklaces and silky scarves are tres French. Shoes are key; pretty flats aka ballerines are the clear winners, even in winter.

10.) Basically, keep it simple. A plain Tshirt and jeans will look very chic when worn with sunglasses and an air of confidence.

And remember the saying: “Il faut souffrir pour etre belle.”


2 Responses to “Top 10 tips to get the French look”

  1. Ruth Dawson January 14, 2011 at 7:17 pm #

    Love love love French style! Very well done Miss Thomas!


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