Your views about France

8 Feb

It’s over to you…What do you like/dislike about France?

“I like the food in France, the countryside, the Alps, the southern beaches, the coffee, the ice cream, the wine. I dislike the roads, especially how you have to give way to people turning out!” Sophie Askew.

“I love the sarcastic/cynical sense of humour, and the fact that generally we bitch about everything but in a light way not in an annoying grumpy way, but dislike the utter arrogance of certain groups in France, and the very rigid elite education system where only the name of your school matters.” Claire Marx.

bottle of french red wine

Quality French wine comes top of the league

“Dislike: dog poo. Like: Their general ‘je m’en fous’ attitude. Nicola Hebden.

“I like the food…the duck stuff (aka confit de canard.) Wandering through Paris is very nice, especially when it was sunny on the Champs Elysees. Can’t think of any dislikes…” Will Miles.

“The food and wine being amazing, living on bread and cheese/wine being acceptable. I guess people can be a bit off/rude? Paris also feels very exclusive, it’s easy to feel like an uncool tourist.” Lucy Thackray.

“I love the food, the beauty of the cities and countryside, the language, the dress sense, the amazing culture… I dislike the elitist education system, the fact that the arts are undervalued career-wise, the unfriendliness/rudeness (especially when it comes to customer service/bureaucracy), the closed-minded mentality and snobbishness of some people.” Emilie Jarrett.

“I’ve only been once but loved skiing in Chamonix!” Robbie Lesbriel.

“I think the place the food takes in france’s traditions is really important. The way it frames the day and makes wine drinking a civil thing… Also the cafe culture instead of pubs avoids the binge drinking problem we have in the UK!” Margot Jourdan.

“The timelesness of it and the pride in tradition and culture…but mostly the FOOD.” Harri Davies.

sign banning dog poo

Dog poo is one of people's pet peeves in Paris

“I LOVE the food. The fact you can get good wine at a cheap price. The cafe culture, and all the lovely gardens (but maybe that’s more Paris). The art collections too. On the downside, thesnobisme, the strikes, the french shrug and those godawful puffa jackets.” Lucy Smail.

“Likes: pain au chocolat, cheese and wine. Dislikes: the prominence of mullets (in the North of France anyway) and denim + denim combos.” Andy McNicoll.

“Pommes frites and mayonnaise! And of course the French accents.” Rebecca Prescott.

“Hate: the dog poo everywhere, the tramps in the south, the greves and politicised students and rude Parisiens. Love: the food, the importance of family, Sancerre, the language (that’s my favourite), the trains that are like Harry Potter and the TGV and the wine.” Hollie Bond.

Feel free to add more!


5 Responses to “Your views about France”

  1. clemmierob February 8, 2011 at 6:23 pm #

    Three Words: French Onion Soup.

  2. photographicyear February 8, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

    The FOOD! It is all amazing but especially the markets, seafood and biscotte 🙂 Also love how nice they are to cyclists and the great trails there are, oh and obviously Le Tour!!
    The weather and beaches are just an added bonus.
    I don’t really think there is anything I dislike expect the French’s love of a strike.

  3. annaroxelana February 8, 2011 at 6:57 pm #

    Like: The atmosphere, it’s not buzzy like London, but really cool, slower pace…
    Dislike: The Louvre Mona Lisa gallery (never again!)

  4. Marc Thomas February 8, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

    In descending height order.

    The literary output of the country – the luminaries dating all the way back to enlightenment thinking right up to Foucault (it all got a bit weird after him though)

    St. Michel – in my all time top five of places to hang out on a Sunday afternoon.

    I resent the French claim to having superior taste in food – I just think their palette is more balanced than anyone elses. Their food isn’t particularly interesting at all.


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