La guerre des post-it

15 Aug

A strange craze is sweeping Paris offices. Rivalry amongst companies is no longer measured by which is the most successful, but rather by whose employees can make the best picture… out of post-it notes.

post its paris office

Post-it creations are inspired by video game characters

It may sound like the kind of fad made popular in the playground, but French businessmen are getting stuck in and making colourful collages on their office windows. The aim of the game: to create better designs than the office opposite.

‘La guerre des post-it’ as it is known began in January between Ubisoft games company and BNP Paribas in Montreuil.

Word of mouth and summertime (read: lazy Parisians who think it’s their divine right not to work in August) have meant that in the last three weeks the craze has spread all over Paris.

But isn’t it a waste of time? Employers are arguing that the sense of teamwork and positive competition it fosters can only benefit the company in question. Personally, I can’t see the appeal of wasting hours making a man out of multicoloured post-it notes but I’m glad someone does, and am enjoying the mood lightning effect it’s had on the newsroom.

Fierce competition amongst Parisian office blocks

The phenomenon was reported by most major media companies. It seems incredible that while Britain is at war on the streets, the French are battling each other with post-it notes…

Watch this report by Le Figaro to find out more.


One Response to “La guerre des post-it”

  1. photographicyear August 25, 2011 at 10:07 pm #

    This is amazing, some of them are so detailed. I hope this craze comes to England!!

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