How to become Parisian in one hour?

15 Aug

Paris's best stand-up act

« Venez découvrir le seul one man show en anglais à Paris

100 % humour français
100% en anglais
100 % facile à comprendre pour les français !!!

Vous aimez Paris mais vous pensez que les parisiens sont impolis ! Vous avez raison, ils le sont !
Vous êtes trop gentil et vous voulez devenir arrogant !
N’attendez plus et assistez à la formation “Comment devenir Parisien en une heure?”
Après le spectacle, vous agirez en vrai parisien dans un magasin, un restaurant, un taxi, le métro, une boîte de nuit et au lit !
Vous allez apprendre le langage typiquement parisien, les expressions faciales !!!

Votre famille et vos amis ne vous reconnaitrons pas!!!
Olivier Giraud, votre professeur, ne peut attendre pour vous rencontrer !!!! »

Think Parisians don’t have a sense of humour? Olivier Giraud has based his stand-up comedy show on this very cultural stereotype.

“How to become Parisian in one hour” is one of the best selling shows in Paris at the moment. 70,000 people from all over the world have now seen the act. With the prospect of the show going international next year, I thought it was time to find out what I was missing out on.

The ridiculously grumpy attitude common to all Parisians is the common thread behind this one-man show. From facial expressions to rude expressions, no ground or situation is left uncovered in the hour-long act. By the end, Olivier told us, we would have all the key tools to become a true Parisian.

Olivier Giraud playing up to cultural stereotypes

Although only 50 percent of the audience was French, the humour wasn’t lost on the number of tourists who also recognised the stereotypes as true. We laughed at ourselves, they laughed at us.

But the strength of the show was no doubt the comparisons between French and American attitudes. Having spent five years in America, Olivier was brilliant at contrasting the over the top friendliness and vacuity of American tourists with the bitter, miserable attitude of the Parisian.

So many of the role play situations rang true – from how we act in the metro, restaurants, nightclubs, shops. Add to this the interactive nature of the show, with Olivier pulling poor American tourists up on stage to demonstrate what they had learnt, that my companions and I left the theater practically crying with laughter.

“How to become Parisian in one hour” continues until December 28 in the Theatre de La Main d’Or. Watch the trailer online.


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