French films triumphed in 2011

22 Jan

2011 was the year of the French film. Last year’s success stories like “The Artist”, “Polisse” and “Intouchables” prove French and international audiences alike have fallen back in love with the French film industry.

Silent flick “The Artist” is definitely France’s best shot at international recognition in 2012. Michel Hazanavicius’s black and white risk has paid off, with international acclaim for the film and its cast (including cute pooch Uggie) as January sees it hit screens ‘outre mer.’

And now Jean Dujardin‘s recent Golden Globe awards have made him a hotly tipped contender for an Oscar. He’s poised for international fame and blockbuster roles – like Marion Cotillard after “La Mome.” It’s good to see people paying attention to French actors and films for once in a predominantly American scene.

But the award for the home-grown favourite of 2011 goes to “Intouchables”, the laugh-out-loud story of a young guy from the hood who ends up looking after a stuffy paraplegic bourgeois. Genuinely HILARIOUS. Omar Sy’s facial expressions are genius.

It’s already brought in 17 million viewers and is still being shown in French cinemas months after its release date – making “Intouchables” the third best-ranking French film of all time. And it certainly deserves it – here’s why. Let’s hope people outside of France sit up and take note too. Enjoy!


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