Get ready for Cannes 2012

1 Mar

Forget the Oscars – Cannes is approaching!

The poster for the 65th edition of the Cannes Film Festival has just been unveiled. And with this image of Marilyn Monroe fronting the festival, 2012 is sure to be as glamourous as ever.

Iconic image: the Cannes 2012 poster

This year’s Cannes film festival will be held from 16 to 27 May.

Reasons to love Cannes:

The location: lovely weather, gorgeous beaches, some outdoor screenings… film festivals are just better in the sun.
The international dimension: no discrimination here, the festival celebrates the best of films from all around the world.
Size doesn’t matter: short films stand a chance of nabbing a prize too.
The Palme d’Or: much more sophisticated and elegant than the Oscar statue.
‘Out of competition’: because you can also see old restored classics, attend film classes and generally just bask in the whole experience.
The red stairs: they very symbol of glamour and celebrity, yet they also welcome newcomers to the industry.


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