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Paris, the city of love

15 Feb

With Valentine’s day approaching, Paris is the destination of choice for many couples this February. But is Paris really the city of love?

It is difficult to pinpoint why the capital has gained such a world famous reputation for being romantic. Bright lights, beautiful sights and classic architecture certainly help, but are no different to many other European cities.
Rather, it is the city’s portrayal in popular culture, music and film which has helped maintain this tradition through the ages.

view of pont des arts paris

Le Pont des Arts is perceived as a romantic Parisien location

One blogger attempts to come to grips with the reasons, and sensibly concludes that people thinking Paris is romantic makes it all the more romantic.

However, all you romantics out there need not despair.

Le Pont des Arts has become famous for its array of padlocks attached to the bridge’s railings. Loved-up couples from all over the world have taken to hanging padlocks with their names on to the bridge and throwing the key into the Seine.

This symbolic act of love has captured the hearts of many and at last count there were over 1,600 padlocks since the trend took off in 2008. The Pont de l’’Evêché and the Passerelle Léopold-Senghor also have a small number of padlocks on display.

However, it has proved controversial as Paris’s city council are less than happy about the phenomenon. Many of the love lockets also mysteriously disappeared overnight last May.

love padlocks on pont des arts

Padlocks on the Pont des Arts: a symbol of love

Photographers and tourists alike have been inspired by this tradition: so if you find yourself in Paris this Spring, make sure to leave your mark.