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Life’s a cabaret for Christian Louboutin

9 Mar

Louboutin + Crazy Horse = shoe heaven

Iconic shoe designer Christian Louboutin has teamed up with Parisian hotspot the Crazy Horse for their new show “Feu.”

The club:

crazy horse club paris

Crazy Horse logo

The cabaret is famed for its leggy dancers performing raunchy routines in barely-there costumes. Yet the legendary nightspot (which charges 125 euros per head with a ‘generous’ half bottle of champers thrown in) is no strip club. Celebrated for its glamour, futuristic light shows as well as collaborations with well-known choreographers ensure it stays firmly in the performance art category.

The club has been going since 1951. Having been lucky enough to step inside its gilded walls and film the dancers for its previous show “Desirs”, I can reveal ‘le Crazy’ is well worth a visit.

crazy horse dancers

Glamour and seduction: Crazy Horse dancers

crazy horse dancers lights

Striking the balance between stripping and art

The show:

Louboutin has created four unique tableaux for “Feu”, which take inspiration from everything from art installations to hip-hop. The main focus is – of course – the legs and the feet. The shoe king was involved in everything from the routines to the set design, not forgetting the shoes.

Each ‘act’ has its own shoe concept – from strappy silver ‘half shoes’ to black curved spiked pairs, they’re sure to steal the limelight from the dancers and give a whole new meaning to the term ‘stripper shoes!’ “Feu” opened on March 4.

The shoes:

red soled louboutin shoe

The much-coveted black Louboutins

Louboutin’s trademark red soles are beloved by celebrities and fashionistas the world over. But the hefty price tag means most girls can only dream of owning a pair. To satisfy the public’s collective lust, London’s Design Museum is hosting the first UK Christian Louboutin retrospective starting May 1st.

Not only can you drool over 20 years’ worth of shoes and inspiration, but you’ll be able to follow the construction process from start to finish. Shoe-tastic.


Le Lapin Agile

18 Sep

In need of some good old fashioned fun? Look no further than famous Paris nightspot Le Lapin Agile.

This quaint cottage nestled on the Montmartre hillside is a little frequented gem, more visited by tourists searching for an authentic french experience than locals. After years of living in Paris, I finally ventured through the Cabaret’s doors, dubious about what was in store.

Le Lapin Agile - a right song and dance

Le Lapin Agile has been going strong since 1860, with traditional French singers performing every night from 9pm til 2am. Visitors are ushered into a small, dark room and seated on benches around the walls. Then a motley crew of about ten singers march in to take their places at the middle table.

On the menu: old fashioned French tunes – from classics like Brassens, Aznavour and Piaf that French oldies know all the words to, to popular folk songs and shanties. It feels like stepping back in time to a more innocent era.

The idea is that (after a complementary cherry liquor or two) you’re encouraged to sing along as the troupe mingle amongst the audience, accompanied by various instruments.

lapin agile

Lapin Agile: famous since 1860

Unfortunately most of us were tourists and could only hum along (although a lively Chinese man did give it a good go) , but the whole atmosphere was so entertaining that the evening flew by. The place prides itself on keeping french traditions alive, and it certainly isn’t dull.

The Cabaret screams nostalgia, from the decor and artwork on its walls to the rustic feel of the performance. It seems incredible that a place like this remains so popular today, and that the format hasn’t changed. It’s well worth a visit before the rest of the world catches up with it.

And since many famous singers and poets were apparently discovered here, you might spot the next big thing in la ‘chanson francaise.’

Le Lapin Agile, Tuesday-Sunday, 24 EUROS plus drink, metro Lamark (12).